St Helens And Warrington CTC Cycle Club

What To Bring

St Helens and Warrington CTC Cycle Club
Part of Cycling UK

Whatever your cycling experience you're welcome to come along and join our group.  We are touring club not a racing club so you'll find our pace leisurely, with rests and cafe stops throughout the ride.  No one is ever left behind and there is alway someone to help with punctures or mechanical problems.


We are a local group of Cycling UK, the national cyclists' organisation. You don't have to be a member of Cycling UK to try us out, but if you became a regular rider with us you need to join.  You can join online here.  

What to bring on a ride

  • Bike
    A hybrid or Touring bike is the best option, but whatever bike you have will do
  • Tools
    Carry a puncture repair kit, spare innertube and some small tools
  • Waterproofs
    Clothing suitable for the weather. You need to keep warm and dry throughout the day
  • Food and Drink
    Even if you intend to buy food from a cafe it is advisable to take some food with you
  • Money
    For cafe stops
  • Mobile phone
    For emergencies
  • Lights
    Front and rear lights particularly in winter